or Pair or Vidup Pair Authorization KODI 2018 [FIX]

Today, let’s find to solution to fix or pair or vidup pair or or vidup me pair errors on KODI, follow these methods to activate streaming at your end. Many people nowadays like to stream videos or movies online. No one wants to download a movie and watch it later as it consumes lots of space and it takes time to download. There are many platforms that allow you to stream your favorite videos or movies online and they are fast too. This will also help the user to have free space as there is no downloading involved. One of the famous streaming platform is the KODI. Stream Authorization Stream Authorization

And when you are using platforms like KODI you might have noticed that add-ons are also used like Exodus, and These add-on are actually high end servers that helps the user to stream online properly. Exodus helps the user to stream videos without any lag, thanks to the high-end servers But when you use the server sometimes you might have noticed that an error pops up and because of this you are not able to stream your favorite video or movie unless you fix Pair or or vidup pair error on Kodi.

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Fixing Pair error is a simple task. You just have to follow some simple steps and you can continue watching your favorite movies. There are two methods to fix this error. You can follow any of the below-mentioned methods as both the fix works properly.

Easy Method to Fix pair On KODI

  1. When you open a movie using any streaming site like Kodi then there is pop up that shows that a loading screen. This actually loads up the different servers it can provide. And when you select the ‘’ the server you get a pop-up with the above-said error which displays “ pair Stream Authorization” with the following message: To play this video, authorization is required. Visit the link below to authorize the devices on your network then click ‘Pair’.
  2. Now to solve pair error you just have to paste the following URL on your web browser and press go. pair link
    Open link
  3. When you are redirected to the official page of the Vidup site, you will notice that your IP address has been displayed and there is a button just below it saying “Activate Streaming”. Click on this button and you are authorized. Sometimes it also asks for Captcha verification. Verify the Captcha and you are good to go.

    Vidup me pair
    Vidup Me pair
  4. Once you have followed the above steps properly and by clicking on ‘Activate Streaming’ there is a message in green color saying that ‘Happy Streaming IP Address XYZ has been authenticated for 4 hours’. This means that you can watch your videos or movies without any trouble for 4 hours. Now you just have to return to your streaming website and you will notice that your video started to play. Once you have completed the 4 hours time allotted to you, you have to follow this step again to stream your favorite video with ease.Vidup Pair

How to Turn Of Pair Authorization

Now to fix error there is a 2nd method, which is probably more easier than the earlier method. This done inside the settings of the ad-dons itself. The steps are as follows:

  1. Go to the addons option available in your streaming site. Click on video addons. Inside this you will find the Exodus option.

    Exodus option - Pair

    Exodus option – pair

  2. Right click on the Exodus option and select the settings menu in Exodus.

    settings menu in Exodus

    Settings menu in Exodus

  3. Once you select the settings option of Exodus a new window is prompted with various settings inside it. Click on the Playback tab and inside it you will find the ‘Hosters with Captha’ option. Turn this option off and then click on ‘Ok’.

    Playback tab - pair

    Playback tab –

Once you have turned off this option, next time when you select the Exodus, it will list only those hosters which does not require captcha verification. You can select any link and the video will start playing as there is no captcha verification process involved. This will help you avoid the error.

The need of Vidup me Pair Authorization

As mentioned in the introduction there are many people who wants to watch their favourite movies or videos online because of the obvious reasons that it saves the space or memory and there is no time waste as there is nothing to download. As more and more people are joining the online video streaming, the number of people who wants to watch movies and videos are exponentially increasing because of the various features. Now, the servers that let you stream movies have a limited capacity of handling the users. If for example a server can provide streaming to a maximum of 1000 users.

When the user count exceeds the limit it won’t provide services to any more users. Now authorization is a process where users are given limited amount of time for streaming. Once you activate the streaming as mentioned earlier in the steps your IP address is added to the list and you are allotted with a limited amount of time. And this time is more than enough for the users. Therefore the authorization feature is very important for streaming and helps the users enjoy their videos or movies without any trouble. This authorization process is also a simple task and can be done quickly in just a blink of an eye.

Is it safe to use?

This method of https www pair authorization is actually not safe, because we all watch latest videos and movies and other copy right stuffs. The authorization process actually saves our IP address. But you can always use a VPN which will hide your IP Address and help you to watch your favourite video without any trouble.

The above mentioned tricks are the only two ways to solve Pair error. Please follow the steps carefully and you can enjoy your online stream of videos or movies without any trouble. Hope that this article has helped you solve your problem of pair error.

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